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GMO organizes a sit-in, raises the Palestinian flag
GMO organizes a sit-in, raises the Palestinian flag
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Government Media Office (GMO) organized a sit-in at its headquarters on Thursday condemning the Israeli Flags March in occupied Jerusalem. They raised the Palestinian flag on the facade of the office headquarters, in conjunction with calls to raise it in all fields and yards.


The head of the government media office, Salama Ma'rouf, greeted the people of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque who represent the spearhead in the face of Israeli occupation and its plans that try to undermine Al-Aqsa Mosque.


Ma'rouf said, "Today, we light up with the message of the land full of blood. Therefore, the flag of Palestine is the only flag that has to be raised in this holy land in its four colors that reflect the patience and steadfastness of the Palestinians and their sacrifices. The red color reflects the abundance of blood that has flowed in this land, the white symbolizes peace, love, and purity, and the green symbolizes the best of this land, its existence, and generosity. While the black color carried the determination to confront this brutal entity".


“In a display of unity, Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the occupied territories, and the diaspora come together to voice their collective stance under one banner, protesting for their rights and sovereignty over their land”, he said.



He emphasizes that the Palestinian people continue to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque at all times and by all means despite all the attempts of the occupation and its Far- Right wing which is trying hard to extend its sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem during Flags March that will fail by Palestinian fighters.


The Flags March is organized in celebration of the so-called unification of Jerusalem Day which is a national holiday after the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967 by the Israeli settlers and extremists. Since that time the provocative march is held on the occasion of this anniversary which is considered by the Israeli occupation leaders as a manifestation of Israeli sovereignty over the capital of Palestine.