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Israeli occupation moves jailed Hamas official to solitary confinement
Israeli occupation moves jailed Hamas official to solitary confinement
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West Bank, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation authorities have transferred Palestinian detainee Raafat Nasif from Naqab "Negev" prison to solitary confinement in "Megiddo" prison.


The Hamas official has been held under administrative detention without charge since January 2022.


Administrative detention is a widely-condemned form of imprisonment that allows the Israeli occupation to hold Palestinians without charge or trial for renewable periods of time based on "secret evidence" in a stark violation of international humanitarian law.


The Israeli occupation is holding at least 1,016 Palestinians under administrative detention without charge, including six children and one woman, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club.


The Israeli prison service has been banning Nasif's family from visiting him for more than four months.A married father of three sons, Nasif suffers from several chronic diseases.


He had been previously imprisoned for a total of 21 years, including 13 years under administrative detention without charge.


A popular and leading figure in Tulkarm, Nasif was put forward as a candidate in Hamas' electoral list for the Palestinian parliamentary election before the vote was cancelled by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.


The Israeli occupation is holding around 4,900 Palestinian detainees, including 34 women and nearly 160 children, in inhumane conditions and harsh conditions, according to Palestinian prisoners' rights organisations.