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Jerusalem committee warns of escalating settler attacks in Jerusalem
Jerusalem committee warns of escalating settler attacks in Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - The Islamic-Christian Committee for the Support of Jerusalem and Holy Sites has warned of the escalating ethnic cleansing being carried out by settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the West Bank.

In a statement, the committee stated that the repeated and almost daily attacks by settlers, with the support of the occupation army, against the residents of Sheikh Jarrah have reached a dangerous level. The committee also mentioned the unprecedented wave of settler violence in the cities and villages of the West Bank, which constitutes described war crimes being committed in front of the whole world.


The committee emphasized that this aggression, coinciding with the increasing pace of settlement plans and the forcible seizure of more Palestinian lands for annexation to the settlements, confirms the occupation's determination to target the existence of the Palestinian people and attempt to eradicate their physical and moral presence on their occupied land.


The committee praised the heroic resistance shown by the citizens in defending their land, homes, and properties.


The committee called on Palestinian factions and forces to assume their responsibilities in confronting these attacks and formulating a capable response to deter this escalation and defend our people against this terrorism.


The committee appealed to international institutions and the international community to break their silence and take urgent and effective action to stop these attacks. They also called on them to fulfill their legal and humanitarian responsibilities in providing protection for the Palestinian people.