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Settlers plans to storm "Avitar" evicted settlement next Saturday
Settlers plans to storm
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli settlers plan to storm the evicted settlement of Avitar, located on Palestinian lands in Sabih mount in the town of Beta south of Nablus in occupied West Bank, Hebrew media sources reported.

Ynet reported on Tuesday that settlers belonging to the "Nahala" settlement movement plans to storm the settlement, which has been evicted by the occupation forces, and stay there from the beginning of next Saturday until the end of the day.


The newspaper indicated that this will be the first time that settlers have stayed there for a full day since the evacuation of the settlement about two years ago.


According to the newspaper, negotiations are currently taking place between the settlers and the Israeli army in order to obtain permission to stay in the settlement on Saturday. There are concerns about clashes with Palestinians from nearby villages, and there are fears that at the end of Saturday, some settlers will not agree to leave but will remain in the settlement.


The newspaper noted that the Israeli army has placed a cordon around the "Avitar" settlement, which is an illegal settlement, and soldiers are permanently stationed at the entrance to the settlement, preventing entry.


It also pointed out that after the evacuation of the settlement, the area has witnessed confrontations between the army and Palestinian citizens who demand the return of their lands.


It is worth mentioning that the Israeli army temporarily evacuated the "Avitar" outpost in early July 2021, according to an agreement signed between the then Israeli minister of army, Benny Gantz, and the settlers in the outpost, with the condition of examining land ownership, which was rejected by the residents of the town of "Beta" and the Palestinians who owned the land at that time, as they affirmed their private ownership of it.


Last April, hundreds of settlers, along with 20 members of the Knesset and 7 ministers in the right-wing Israeli government, organized a massive march towards the settlement outpost, sending a clear message to solidify and legitimize the settlement once again.