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Itamar Ben Gvir obligates prisoners to pay for dental treatment
Itamar Ben Gvir obligates prisoners to pay for dental treatment
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli extremist Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, instructed the Commissioner of Israeli Prisons, Kitty Perry, on Wednesday evening to issue a decision requiring prisoners in Israeli jails to pay for dental treatments provided to them in detention facilities.

The decision, according to an Israeli report, includes requiring prisoners to pay for panoramic dental X-rays and payment based on the hour of work for any treatment provided to them in prisons, without specifying the amount.


Reports indicate that this move will deprive prisoners of receiving dental treatment.


According to the decision signed by Perry, "prisoners are required to pay from their own funds, in advance, for the services provided by the Israeli Prison Service, which is considered a violation of international law."


Ben Gvir stated, "We will gradually change the situation and cancel privileges."


It should be noted that Ben Gvir has taken several punitive measures against Palestinian prisoners since assuming his position in Benjamin Netanyahu's government. These measures include controlling the amount of water they use, reducing the duration of showers, and placing locks on designated shower rooms.


The IPS has also implemented retaliatory decisions against the prisoners, such as depriving them of morning exercise, confiscating water heaters and stoves, reducing the daily hours of access to the prison yard (forecourt), suspending the canteen, and restricting the movement of any prisoner outside their cells.


IPS have reversed some of their punitive measures following the prisoners' decision to go on an open-ended hunger strike and the pressure exerted on Netanyahu's government both internally and externally, fearing the escalation of tensions beyond the prisons.