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Israeli courts release15 Palestinian prisoners, extend the arrest of six
Israeli courts release15 Palestinian prisoners, extend the arrest of six
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Occupied Jerusalem, Alray -The Israeli Magistrate and District courts extended the detention of six Jerusalemites and released 15 Prisoners on bail and on condition to stay away from Al-Aqsa mosque.

According to Prisoners Club's  lawyer Mofeed El-Haj, the judge of  the Magistrate Court extended on Thursday the detention of two young Palestinian prisoners Moa'yad Salayma,14, and Moataz Hijazi,15.

The judge decided to release Ahmed Safadi, a  teacher in an orphan school on NIS 5,000  bail and on conditions to remain at home arrest and stay away from Al-Aqsa mosque.

The court also released Tariq El- Basti after paying NIS 1,000 bail and being deported for 30 days from Hitta, one of the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The lawyer indicated that the Israeli police arrested on Wednesday 15 Palestinian minors and a young Palestinian from the old city of Jerusalem after clashes broke out  in Al-Aqsa yards; 11 of them were released  on bail.

Lawyer of Al-Dameer  Foundation Mohammed Mahmoud  said that the Magistrate Court extended the arrest of Laith Al-Husseini ,14, and Isaa Ghatit,19, until 8 September 2013.

 The Israeli general prosecution submitted an indictment to the District Court against Ahmed Derbas and Mohammed Hussein Obeid claiming of throwing stones and being affiliated to the  Palestinian Popular Front Movement . Their arrest extended to 9 September 2013.

In the same context, Fatah Secretary General in Jerusalem Omar Shalabi released on a third-party NIS 10,000 bail and was deported for three days from Al-Aqsa.