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Rights group holds Israeli occupation responsible for health of sick detainee
Rights group holds Israeli occupation responsible for health of sick detainee
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Jerusalem, ALRAY - A human rights organization has held the Israeli occupation prison administration fully responsible for the health of a Palestinian detainee held under so-called administrative detention without charge.


The Palestinian Prisoners Club said that Palestinian detainee Ahmad Hanatsha has been in critical condition since before he was detained by the Israeli occupation army on 23 December 2022.


According to his family, Hanatsha suffers from a severe blood-clotting disorder and nerve problems that require constant care.


Two months before his detention, Hanatsha sustained a serious injury to his hand in a firework accident.


His family said that Hanatsha was scheduled to undergo surgery on the second day of his imprisonment.


However, the Israeli prison service has been procrastinating the surgery and regular medical checkups for Hanatsha.


A few days ago, the Israeli occupation authorities extended Hanatsha's administrative detention for another six months without charge.


Administrative detention is a widely-condemned form of imprisonment that allows the Israeli occupation to hold Palestinians without charge or trial for renewable periods of time based on "secret evidence" in a stark violation of international humanitarian law.

The Israeli occupation is holding at least 1,016 Palestinians under administrative detention without charge, including six children and one woman, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club.