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European Official: Jenin Camp Incident is Painful and Violates International Law
European Official: Jenin Camp Incident is Painful and Violates International Law
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West Bank, ALRAY - The military incursion into Jenin camp was painful, and what happened was a violation of international law, the European Union's representative in Palestine, Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff said.

The international representative, along with a group of 30 European diplomats, visited the camp to observe the consequences of the aggression that had taken place there.


Israeli occupation forces destroyed dozens of houses within a 9-kilometer radius, as well as drinking water and sewage pipelines.


Burgsdorff called on the Israeli occupation to refrain from any actions or acts that harm civilians and have consequences on them. He also urged them to respect international law during any military operation and to openly investigate any violations by settlers. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of holding accountable those who commit acts of aggression.


He added that the purpose of the visit is to show solidarity with the residents of the camp, who should be protected under all circumstances, especially children and families. The objective is to assess the damages that have occurred and to compile reports to be shared with all diplomatic missions regarding what took place in Jenin.


The visit came following a major aggression by the occupation on the city and camp of Jenin that started on Monday midnight and lasted for two days. This aggression resulted in the martyrdom of 12 civilians, including five children, and more than 140 injuries, including 30 in critical condition. Additionally, over 300 individuals were arrested, and extensive damage was inflicted upon the camp's infrastructure, causing significant harm to the homes and properties of the residents.