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6 racist resolutions and laws targeting prisoners during the first half of the current year: Palestine Center
6 racist resolutions and laws targeting prisoners during the first half of the current year: Palestine Center
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli Knesset approves 6 racist resolutions and laws targeting the rights and status of Palestinian prisoners during the first half of the current year, Palestine Center for Prisoners' Studies reported.

Riyad Al-Ashqar, the director of the Palestine Center, stated that during the first half of the year, Israeli Knesset approved 6 racist resolutions, the most dangerous of which was its preliminary approval of a bill allowing the execution of prisoners who carried out resistance operations against the occupation.


He added that the occupation approved with first reading a bill aimed at depriving prisoners from receiving medical treatment and undergoing surgical operations, and halting any funding from the occupation for medical treatment beyond basic healthcare and medications not included in the health services basket.


Al-Ashqar also noted that Israeli occupation also finally approved in the second and third readings a bill to revoke citizenship from Palestinian prisoners from the Green Line and from occupied Jerusalem who are accused by the occupation authorities of carrying out operations against Israeli targets.


The occupation also approved in the preliminary reading, according to Al-Ashqar, a bill that allows for imposing imprisonment sentences on Palestinian children under the age of 12, residents of Jerusalem and the Palestinian interior, if accused of resisting the occupation. This allows Israeli prison services to target this young age group that is protected by international law.


Al-Ashqar further added that during the past month, the occupation approved in the preliminary reading a bill to tighten penalties for Palestinians accused of incitement through social media, with sentences reaching up to 5 years of imprisonment.


Al-Ashqar affirmed that the Prison Administration has actually started deducting the costs of dental treatment for prisoners from the allowances of the canteen, which amounted to 175 shekels for each hour the prisoner spends in the dental clinic.


He further clarified that the main objective of these decisions and laws, alongside achieving deterrence and tightening the grip on prisoners, is to criminalize Palestinian national struggle and undermine the legitimacy of the Palestinian people's struggle and resistance against the occupation.


The number of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in Israeli jails stands at around 4,900 prisoners, including 34 female prisoners, according to organizations concerned with prisoners' affairs. Additionally, the number of prisoners who have been sentenced to life imprisonment reaches 559 prisoners.