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IMF arrest Palestinians , clashes in Jerusalem
IMF arrest  Palestinians , clashes in Jerusalem
Side of clashes erupted in the Old city on Saturday evening
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Gaza, Alray - Violent  clashes erupted on Saturday evening between Israeli military  forces (IMF)  and dozens of Palestinian youths at the Iron Gate ( Bab al-Hadid) in Jerusalem , the IMF  arrested Palestinians in return , Media sources reported.

Israeli forces fired tear  gas ,  metal and rubber bullets against youths , several injuries and suffocations reported. 

The Director of Detainee Club , Nasser Qaws said that the IMF arrested  Qasem Al-natshah at the Iron gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, " the IMF stormed several houses and attacked women ," he added.    

Local sources reported that Israeli forces stormed a number of houses in Hebron  ;  Israel police announced that it  arrested two Palestinians and took  them to interrogation center  without  revealing  their names .