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Israeli ministers call for West Bank annexation
Israeli ministers call for West Bank annexation
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West Bank, ALRAY - The so-called Israeli Minister of Heritage, Amihai Eliyah, is urging Israel to annex the occupied West Bank as quickly as possible, dismissing the 'Green Line' as an illusion.

A report indicated that since the beginning of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's current term, which started in late December last year, legislative measures have been pushed forward for numerous bills aiming to annex the West Bank.


Eliyah stated on Wednesday in an interview with the Israeli Army Radio, "We must assert sovereignty over the areas of ‘Judea and Samaria’ occupied West Bank as well. We need to promote this as smartly as possible and convey these matters anywhere to generate international recognition that this place is ours.


"There is no Green Line in reality; it's an illusory line. There exists a distorted reality, and we must eradicate it." He added.


In March of last year, the so-called Israeli Minister of Settlements and Special Tasks, Orit Struck, called for the annexation of the West Bank during a meeting in the Knesset. She stated, "After successfully passing the Return to (the unplanned settlement) Homesh and Northern Samaria Law, we now understand more than ever that sovereignty is an achievable goal."


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated the discussion of annexing settlements in the West Bank to Israel.


During Netanyahu's current government term, coalition parties have pushed forward a significant array of legislative proposals aimed at effectively implementing West Bank annexation. This occurs in the backdrop of legislation that weakens the judicial system, garnering attention from both Israelis and the international community, as reported by "Haaretz" newspaper today.