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HRW: Palestinians with disabilities still languishing after repeated Israeli assaults on Gaza
HRW: Palestinians with disabilities still languishing after repeated Israeli assaults on Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said that people with disabilities "remain among the most affected" by the repeated Israeli attack against the blockaded Gaza Strip.


"Israel’s airstrikes in Jenin in the occupied West Bank in early July reminded me of the nights during rounds of hostilities in Gaza when my family and I worried we wouldn’t survive to see daylight again," Abier Almasri, a research assistant at Human Rights Watch, said.


In a report highlighting the hardships facing Palestinians with disabilities in Gaza, a-Masri pointed out that the Israeli occupation army bombed a home, inhabited by 40 people, including five people with disabilities, in northern Gaza during its most recent aggression against the blockaded enclave last May.


"On May 13, an Israeli officer ordered the Nabhan family to evacuate their homes in the Jabalya refugee camp within three minutes," al-Masri noted.


According to the HRW report, Najah, 50, pleaded for help to evacuate her daughters Haneen, and Areej, who have physical and intellectual disabilities.


"Neighbors quickly carried the young women to safety. Before they had time to retrieve Haneen’s wheelchair, an Israel airstrike flattened their four-story building."


“I need nothing but to have our house back,” Haneen, 19, told al-Masri.


HRW confirmed that the 17-year Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip is curbing access to "assistive devices, health care, and electricity essential to many people with disabilities."


"Chronic power outages particularly jeopardize the rights of many people with disabilities who need light to communicate using sign language, or equipment powered by electricity to move, including elevators and electric mobility scooters," the international human rights group added.