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One billion shekels on its way to support West Bank settlements: Hebrew Newspaper
One billion shekels on its way to support West Bank settlements: Hebrew Newspaper
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities drew a plan to support settlements in the occupied West Bank and their infrastructure with around 1 billion shekels by the end of 2024, Hebrew news paper revealed on Wednesday.

The Hebrew economic newspaper "Calcalist," reported that a sum of 672 million shekels will be invested in West Bank settlements by next year. Additionally, hundreds of millions of shekels will be allocated to the settlement budget after vacating military bases in some areas. These funds will be used for road construction and establishing public buildings.


Israeli occupation government aims to execute an unprecedented plan to support West Bank settlements with approximately 1 billion shekels, with Minister of Settlements Orit Struck leading the effort.


The plan, according to the report, will invest funds in settlements and areas classified as Area C. The plan is justified by the aim of ensuring the security and "steadfastness" of settlers in the West Bank and supporting them amidst a wave of Palestinian operations.


The plan also includes several provisions aimed at increasing the number of settlers in the West Bank. It's noted that connecting this provision with protection against Palestinian actions is difficult.


Furthermore, the plan involves the evacuation of four army camps in the West Bank: "Beit El," "Gush Etzion," "Ephraim," and "Yishai" near the settlement of Kiryat Arba in Hebron. The lands upon which these camps stand are classified as strategic, and they are expected to be annexed to nearby settlements after evacuation.