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Israeli occupation settlers attack Palestinian farmers in Nablus
Israeli occupation settlers attack Palestinian farmers in Nablus
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation settlers have attacked Palestinian farmers in Qusra town, south of Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank.


According to local sources, a group of Israeli colonial settlers, escorted by Israeli occupation forces, assaulted farmers as they were working their lands in the south of the town on Saturday evening.


Israeli occupation forces used rubber-coated metal bullets to violently suppress the defenceless local citizens as they were defending themselves, injuring six of them.


Two more were given on-site medical assistance after being hit with stones by Israeli colonial settlers.


Nearly 700,000 Israeli colonial settlers now live in more than 250 illegal settlements and outposts across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem in violation of international law.


Israeli colonial settlers have recently stepped up their attacks against Palestinian citizens and their property in the occupied West Bank, under the protection of the Israeli occupation army.