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Israeli Settlers seize a house in the Qarmi neighborhood of Jerusalem
Israeli Settlers seize a house in the Qarmi neighborhood of Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli settlers, on Tuesday morning, seized a house belonging to the Idris family in the Qarmi neighborhood of the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, with the protection of Israeli occupation forces.

Residents of the neighborhood were surprised by the sounds of settlers entering the house, changing the doors, and installing iron bars on the windows and the roof of the house.


The Idris family was informed of the settlers' invasion of their home, so they arrived at the scene, leading to verbal altercations between them, the settlers, and the Israeli forces.


Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Idris confirmed that the house has been in the family's possession since 1979, and he has the legal documents proving ownership of the house where his mother and sister currently reside.


He explained that the settlers took advantage of his mother being hospitalized for treatment about 10 days ago, and dozens of them stormed the house.


He also mentioned that he contacted the Israeli police, who came to the scene and removed the settlers from the house. The police asked the Idris family to go to the police station or the court to file a complaint to prove ownership of the house. This incident is not the first time Israeli settlers have seized Palestinian homes.