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3 Palestinian detainees continue hunger strike, their Health deteriorating
3 Palestinian detainees continue hunger strike, their Health deteriorating
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Jerusalem, ALRAY - The health condition of the hunger striking detainees, Sultan Khallouf, Kayed Al-Fafsous, and Maher Al-Akhras, has deteriorated over time, and yet, the Israeli prison services (IPS) has not responded to any of their demands, the Palestinian Prisoners' Club said.


The head of the Prisoners’ Club, Abdullah Al-Zaghari, said in a press statement on Tuesday "The strike of the three prisoners comes in light of the presence of the Israeli right-wing fascist government, and what is happening against them is a crime in which all the occupation agencies participate.”


Al-Zaghari added that the Israeli occupation aggressive policy regarding detainees and its refusal to even deal with their demand of ending their detention, led to the deterioration of the three detainees’ health.


He stated that the striking detainees had previously gone through long strikes, which had a real impact on their health conditions, calling on all international human rights institutions, led by the United Nations, to pressure the occupation to immediately release them and end the crime of their detention.


It is noteworthy that the detainees Kayed Al-Fafsous and Sultan Khalouf have continued their hunger strike for more than 40 days in rejection of their administrative detention, and the detainee Maher Al-Akhras has continued his strike for 21 days, as the Israeli occupation authorities filed an indictment against him and extended his detention until Thursday