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Palestinian detainee faces imminent death after 54 days of hunger strike
Palestinian detainee faces imminent death after 54 days of hunger strike
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West Bank, ALRAY - Palestinian detainee Kayed al-Fasfous is facing imminent death as his health continues to deteriorate after 54 days of hunger strike to protest his arbitrary imprisonment without charge or trial, the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs has warned.

In a press statement Monday, the ministry explained that al-Fasfous has lost more than half of his weight and suffers from severe pains all over his body, particularly in his joints.


“He can no longer move on his own and suffers from severe headache and fatigue as the Israeli occupation prison administration refuses to heed his demand and end his ‘administrative detention’,” the ministry added.


Holding the Israeli occupation prison service fully responsible for the 34-year-old hunger striker, the ministry called for moving al-Fasfous to a civilian hospital and providing him with proper healthcare.


It called on human rights groups and UN bodies to assume their role in putting an end to “administrative detention” and to work on saving al-Fasfous before it is too late.


A father of one daughter, al-Fasfous, had been jailed by the Israeli occupation authorities for seven years.


In 2021, he had gone on a 131-day hunger strike to demand an end to his “administrative detention” without charge.


Administrative detention is a misnomer for holding Palestinians without charge or trial for renewable periods based on "secret evidence" in a stark violation of international humanitarian law.