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A Call Issued by Representatives of Civil Society Institutions and Civil Sectors
A Call Issued by Representatives of Civil Society Institutions and Civil Sectors
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On the eighteenth day, the massacres and crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip continue. The number of martyrs and casualties among children, women, the elderly, and the sick is increasing before the eyes and ears of the whole world. Yet there remains no serious movement from the international community to stop the ethnic cleansing carried out by the occupation with all its military strength and the use of its war arsenal to cause the maximum possible killings and destruction.

What is happening in the Gaza Strip is the occupation's targeting of civilians, encouraged by the U.S. administration and European countries that have all declared their support for the occupation's crimes, disregarding all principles of justice, humanity, and the provisions of international law formulated to protect civilians during times of war.

We are witnessing horrifying scenes and facts that will remain a stain on the international community's conscience, which continues to display a failure to save civilians. There is no longer a person in Gaza who feels safe, and no area in the Gaza Strip remains unharmed by bombing and destruction. More than a million people have been displaced, leaving their homes where the conditions for life no longer allow them to stay due to threats from the occupation.

We can assert without hesitation that Gaza has turned into a devastated area due to the unprecedented destruction and the staggering number of martyrs, amid the ongoing power outage since October 8th, along with the closure of fuel stations due to their running out of supplies. Additionally, stores have been forced to close because of the depletion of food, including bread, and some bakeries have been bombed and destroyed while civilians were waiting in line.

Gaza's hospitals cannot cope with moderate cases even during normal times due to the continuous siege for seventeen years. What about now, when they are receiving patients and casualties around the clock Everyone is aware of the pleas made by hospitals, health centers, and appeals, without witnessing any robust action from the international community to intervene and assist. Notwithstanding the exhaustion of medical staff working for hours and days without a single hour of rest.

In light of the ongoing siege and the occupiers’ refusal to open humanitarian passages, which has put tens of thousands of patients at risk, some of whom have died due to the severe shortage of medical supplies to treat patients and the wounded.

In view of these indisputable facts, there is no need for further explanation and details, given the world's continuous monitoring of media coverage and live broadcasts of everything happening in the Gaza Strip. We therefore emphasize the following

  1. The Israeli occupation is responsible for the crimes it commits, and pursuing and holding them accountable is a legal imperative for all those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip.


  1. The United States of America is considered the primary partner in these crimes. The current administration, led by President Joe Biden should be held accountable before the International Criminal Court.


  1. The international community bears full responsibility for failing to protect civilians and for the continuation of the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation.



We also call for

•        International institutions, including the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and the International Red Cross, to fulfil their duties and play the role they should in such circumstances. It is worth noting that UNRWA seemed helpless from the very beginning of the aggression and left its offices without any announcement or justification, which raises serious questions. We demand an investigation into those responsible for this serious fault and other actions. In this regard, we call on UNRWA to carry out its duties in all sectors of Gaza, not just in the south. It is inconceivable to leave civilians without water, food, and the means of survival.

•        Arab countries, with Egypt at the forefront, whom we consider the guardian and advocate of the Palestinian cause and our protective shield, to intervene quickly and urgently to save civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Finally, we extend our greetings to all the people who have raised their voices and taken to the streets to reject these crimes and stand in solidarity with the Palestinians. We also commend all the voices that have worked to debunk the Israeli narrative and attempts to convince the world with Israeli lies.