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Hackers pledge to attack Israeli websites on September 11
Hackers pledge to attack Israeli websites on September 11
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Gaza, Alray - A hacker group evidently protesting Israeli policies is planning a new round of cyber-attacks on Israeli websites – scheduled for Wednesday, September 11, Haaretz reported..

The group, Anon Ghost, has released a list of Israeli online targets, including numerous government websites, on Internet forums used by the Anonymous Collective.

In allusion to previous such cyber-attacks, the operation is titled Op-Israel Reborn. Ahead of the attack, the group released 165,000 listings of names, addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of Israelis early on Monday. The information was likely obtained by hacking into an Israeli Web hosting site. It is yet unclear how updated this data is, or how many of the listings repeat themselves.

The group has called on members to vandalize Israeli websites or cause traffic that would prevent access to these sites. Both attack methods use automatic tools that do not require any programming skills.

Israel's computer systems are subject to constant cyber-attacks from different pro-Palestine groups over the past months.