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US citizen reverts to Islam in Gaza
US citizen reverts to Islam in Gaza
Nicholas Lillard turned Abdul Karim
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Gaza, ALRAY - A US citizen lives in Gaza City has declared his reversion to Islam after Friday Service at Al Mustafa Mosque west of the city, local media reported.

Nicholas Lillard, 33, took his decision after his admiration for Islam reflected in the practice of his Palestinian friends.

The news brought deep delight to the mosque attendees and local residents who, after the Friday (Jom’a) Service, distributed sweets in celebration. The crowds gathered around Nicholas to congratulate him expressing warm love, and wishing him a happy new begining of Muslim life.

Nicholas was officially registered as Muslim on Thursday when he pronounced the two Shahadatain (The two testimonies) at Islamic Sharia’ Court in the central Gaza city: “Ash hadu anna la ilaha illa Allah wa anna muhammadan rasulullah," which means: "I bare witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his messenger,”

Nicholas has changed his name for ‘Abdul Karim’ said to Safa Press Agency that he “reverted to Islam after being fully convinced that it is the true religion,” adding “first I was impressed with how the people around behave and started to question the movements of the prayers they perform, then I happened to read about this religion until being fully affected,”

Nicholas –turned Abdul Karim- first came to Gaza with a solidarity delegation and remained after being moved by its people. He decided them to convey their cause and their suffering to the outside world. 

He pointed out that he is teaching English Language at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza, and that he wants to stay in the Gaza alongside the people of Palestine.