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Israeli army orders Al-Maleh villagers to evacuate for military exercises
Israeli army orders Al-Maleh villagers to evacuate for military exercises
Entrance to Al-Maleh village
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces stormed on Saturday morning and Al-Maleh village north of the Jordan Valley, and threatened the residents of Khirbat al-Burj and al-Mieta to clear the area citing large-scale military exercises to set off Tuesday.

Monjid Makhamrah of the locality told local media that “This is the sixth time that we are ordered to evacuate our homes since the beginning of the year under the pretext of military exercises; this requires us to leave our stockyards used to shelter livestock, and to transfer them to remote areas not suitable for grazing,”

Abdullah Bisharat, an activist in the anti-settlement said “the Israeli notifications included ten families inhabiting the two Khirbats, noting that this action comes under a plan to empty Al-Maleh area of its Bedouin population to set up closed military zone,”

“The Israeli forces deliberately use live fire during training in that area in order to pressure the population to flee it, and leave their life-threatening homes,” he noted, pointing out that “the exercises are usually made between the turned-into-training-camps houses without,”

He stressed that the Palestinian presence in the Al-Maleh area is ‘gravely endangered’, and that the exercises are a kind of harassment since the occupation prevents the entry and exit from the area during the exercises, and confiscate livestock.