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Rafah crossing closed for the fifth day in a row
Rafah crossing closed for the fifth day in a row
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Gaza, Alray - Egyptian authorities have been  closing   Rafah border  crossing  for the fifth day in a row ,  Palestinian Ministry of Interior – Gaza reported.

Director of Crossing Authorities,  Maher Abu Sabha, said in a statement that in case the crossing opens the ministry will inform Palestinian residents through different media sources and the ministry's website.

Abu Sabha indicated that the Palestinian side presented a proposal to the Egyptian counterpart to solve the problem of dozens  of passengers stranded at the Rafah crossing.

Rafah crossing was closed on Aug. 15th after nationwide violence and then partially reopened two days later only to be closed again following an attack  in Sinai which killed 25 Egyptian soldiers.

The Rafah terminal was closed earlier last week after a car bomb outside Egyptian intelligence headquarters in Sinai.

Rafah crossing is the only outlet  for Palestinians in Gaza. Israel imposes a tighten blockade on Gaza by closing its  borders  with  Gaza .

There have been frequent closures of the terminal in recent weeks due to political unrest in Egypt and violence in the Sinai peninsula.