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Israeli forces arrest 5 Palestinians in West Bank
Israeli forces arrest 5 Palestinians in West Bank
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West Bank, Alray - Israeli military forces arrested on Sunday at dawn three Palestinian teenagers from Ya’bad town west of Jenin.

According to local sources, an Israeli military patrol stormed the town and arrested Adham Abu Ermalih, Mohammed Alabadi and Hani Zeid at the gas station.

The teenagers are all at the age of 14- 15.

The Israeli forces erected a military check point at the northern entrance of the town and started checking the citizens’ IDs.

In Beit Ummar, northwest of Hebron, a military force arrested at one o’clock, at dawn, two secondary year students while they were at the way to their homes.

The families of Bader Abu Mariyah, 17, and Amjad Abu Mariyah,17, received a call from an Israeli officer informing them that their sons were arrested at Gush Etzion  camp.  

The two young men are to present  before Ofer military court next Tuesday.

The charges are unknown yet.