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Prisoners in Ramle prison launch hunger strike
Prisoners in Ramle prison  launch hunger strike
Ramle prison
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Gaza, Alray - Palestinian sick detainees in Ramle prison clinic launched a hunger strike,  protesting the medical negligence by  Prison Israeli service (IPS).

Palestinian prisoners said in a letter previously  that they threatened to launch  a hunger strike if the IPS does not provide them a proper medical treatment.

They reported that  the IPS has neither conducted medical tests for them during their detention  nor offered  them the necessary medical  treatment .Moreover it banned any  outside medical staff from treating the prisoners or even to over view  their medical files, " The goal of IPS  is to keep the prisoners alive but not cured ," the prisoners stated.

They urged , on the letter,   all local bodies to pressure Israel to stop their deliberate medical negligence.  

According to Palestinian Mission-UK, there are at least 1,500 ill prisoners suffering from a policy of medical negligence; of which 25 prisoners are diagnosed with cancer and 18 suffering from various chronic illnesses. Since 1967, 207 detained martyrs died in Israeli prisons including 54 as a result of medical negligence. There are over 4,743 Palestinian prisoners currently detained by Israel including; 12 women, 236 of them children, 15 MPs and 178 of them held under administrative detention.