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One killed, several injured during clashes in Jenin
One killed, several injured during clashes in Jenin
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Gaza, Alray - Clashes erupted between scores of  Palestinian youth and Israeli soldiers in Jenin Camp in the West Bank  on Tuesday morning , local sources said. 

Witnesses reported that the Israeli soldiers attacked the Jenin Camp early morning and closed its entrances. They arrested  then assassinated Islam Al-Tobasi,24, after raiding his house.

The Israeli soldiers also arrested  two Palestinians including Mohammed Bassam Al-Qaed,21, and moved them to an unknown place, they added.

The same sources pointed out that about 20 Palestinians suffocated while three others including a 15 year old child were wounded after the Israeli forces fired them with rubber bullets and tear gas.

It is noteworthy that seven Palestinians arrested in raids on different districts in the West Bank, according to Palestinian sources.