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Gaza wastewater treatment plant stops functioning
Gaza wastewater treatment plant stops  functioning
Wastewater treatment plant in Rafah
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Gaza, Alray - After the running out of fuel supplies, the Minister of local government in Gaza Mohammed Al -Farra announced on Monday evening that the wastewater treatment plant stopped functioning and the  municipalities are going to pump the sewage water into the sea .

Al-Farra said on a statement that all Gaza municipalities will stop functioning next Thursday because of the lack of fuel.

Egypt's interim government ordered the military to cave in all the lifeline tunnels between Egypt and the besieged Gaza which cause severe shortage of fuel.

Pumping the untreated wastewater into the sea will pollute not only the marine environment of Gaza but also the Mediterranean Sea ,  Al-Farra warned of an environmental disaster.

He called on the International and Human Rights organizations to increase  pressure on  Israel in order to lift the siege on Gaza and allow the access of  necessary basic needs of besieged people in Gaza.

Since the ouster of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in a military coup in July, the army has increased the destruction of the tunnels on the Egyptian side of the border with Gaza on the pretext of "fighting against terrorism". The tunnels have served as a lifeline to the besieged people of Gaza and their destruction has caused shortages of fuel and other essential goods. Gaza is now completely dependent on the limited amount of fuel allowed to enter by Israel.