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Hamas, Islamic Jihad form joint command
Hamas, Islamic Jihad form joint command
American-Israeli attempts to undermine 'an Islamic awakening' in the region is behind the move
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian Islamic movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad have announced are forming a joint body to cooperate at political, syndicate and student levels.

Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar confirmed to MEMO that "this body was formed during a meeting of leaders from both movements under the title 'latest unilateral political and syndicate developments,'"

Al-Zahar said his movement held seven meetings with Islamic Jihad, noting that four leaders from each movement are to represent their movement in the new body.

Al-Zahar explaining the reason behind such a move said "Both movements have the same goals and are based on the same beliefs,"

Islamic Jihad leader Mohamed Al-Hindi said "the American-Israeli attempts to undermine the Islamic awakening in the region is enough a reason for Islamic movements to unite."