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Daily report on the Impacts of the blockade on the Gaza Strip
Daily report on the Impacts of the blockade on the Gaza Strip
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The Government media office issued a daily report to sum up the impacts of the unjust blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2006 and the influence of the recent procedures taken by Egyptian Authorities on the lives of the Palestinian people living in the Gaza which lead to destroying the tunnels and closing the Rafah border.

1-    Crossings and borders:

-         The Rafah crossing opened partially for patients, students, holders of foreign passports stranded at the Palestinian side of the border.

-         Karam Abu Salem crossing will be closed until next Sunday due to Jewish holidays..

- The registration , at the Ministry of Interior, for those with foreign residency permits and the sick wishing to travel on their own cost, is still closed.

2-    Health sector:

-         The amount of stored medicine has decreased to 30%. 145 types of medicine  and 460 of medical disposables have run out.  

-         Nearly one thousand patients are prevented from getting medical treatment in the Egyptian hospital. Over 300 referral cases received treatment in Egypt per month.

-         The electricity outages for 12 hours a day, the lack of fuel necessary for working the electrical generators and ambulances increased and the need of fuel had risen to 360.000 liters a month

-         The construction works at seven primary medical centers in addition to five main hospitals have partially stopped.

-         The maintenance works at different medical facilities have been affected negatively due to the lack of spare parts or basic construction materials.


3-    Environmental conditions:

-         Ministry of local Government announced emergency plan and it intends to limit the amount of supplies to the citizens.

-         Moammed Al-Farrah, the Minister of local Government said that the municipalities work now with its half power to limit the consumption of fuel.


4-    Agricultural  and fishing sector Sector:

-         Wells used for agricultural purposes, fishing boats, farms of livestock and  olive pressers all of these sectors have been affected negatively because of fuel shortage.  

-         Fishers fish within a short distance because of the lack of fuel for their boats.