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210 children jailed in Israel's prisons: Center
210 children jailed in Israel's prisons: Center
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Gaza, ALRAY - Director of Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies Fouad Khuffash condemned Israel’s violations against the Palestinian children represented in its measures of detentions and trials.

Khuffash said in a statement that “the last crime carried out by the occupation sentencing Mohammad, and Ayman Abbasi to a half and one year,”

He indicated that both of them are under 14 and were previously detained.

Khuffash demanded UN institutions and child protection centers to bear their moral and legal responsibilities towards these unstopping violations.

“Nearly 210 Palestinian children lie in Israeli jails,” the statement said.

Most of the minors imprisoned by Israel are detained on charges like stone-throwing, Israel-based human rights group B'Tselem says.

He concluded by wondering "if these crimes against children are observed outside occupied Palestine, the world would not be silent; why this is not the case when it comes to the Palestinian minors nabbed? Are not they entitled to human rights?”