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Egypt's crackdown on tunnels caused $250 million in losses
Egypt's crackdown on tunnels caused $250 million in losses
Cloud of smoke resulted from bombing of bordering Egyptian homes wherein tunnels lie
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MEMO - Minister of National Economy said the losses in the besieged territory have exceeded $250 million as a result of the Egyptian crackdown on border tunnels.

Dr Alaa Al-Rafati told local media that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza has entered a "critical and dangerous phase" because Egypt has closed the Rafah border crossing and is destroying the tunnels.

According to Dr Al-Rafati, the Egyptian army destroyed nearly 126 border tunnels which were used to supply Gaza with essential goods and medicines. The destruction had a massive impact on health and the environment in the Strip.

Rafati predicted that the campaign will fail to achieve its goal "People will find a way through, just as they have in the past," he insisted. "As long as the official channels are closed to us for importing even basic necessities, tunnels will be dug and used."

Dr Al-Rafati called on Egypt to reopen the Rafah crossing and allow the movement of people and goods through it in order to alleviate the effects of the Israeli-led siege which has been in place for 7 years.