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Maariv: kidnapping Israeli soldiers is a matter of time
Maariv: kidnapping Israeli soldiers  is a matter of time
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Israeli Maariv newspaper, commenting on the killing of Israeli soldier Tomer Khazan and keeping his body to exchange it with for brother jailed by Israel since 2003, said Sunday an operation to kidnap Israeli soldiers is only a matter of time.

The newspaper reported that “Israel paid a big price for the release of its kidnapped soldiers and officers Gilad Shalit in Gaza, and Olkhanan Tennenbaum and Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser in Lebanon Hezbollah,”

It said that kidnapping Israeli soldiers is viewed by Palestinians as the fastest way for the release of their detainees held by Israel through swap deals.

“The capture and killing of the soldier Khazan was a ‘nightmare’ that brings to mind what happened with Shalit in Gaza in 2006 summer, it added.

On Friday, an Israeli soldier was kidnapped and killed by a Palestinian hoping to exchange the body for his brother jailed by (Israel) since 2003, AFP reported quoting Israeli officials.

"The soldier’s body was found near Qalqiliya yesterday (Friday), an army spokesman claimed on Saturday morning. The army identified the soldier as Tomer Hazan, 20.

Shin Bet said it arrested the Palestinian suspect, 42-year-old Nidal Amer, at his family home in Beit Amin south of Qalqiliya, and that he had confessed to killing the soldier.

The suspect said he had abducted and killed him in the hope that he could "trade the body in exchange for the release" of one of his brothers who has been jailed by Israel since 2003 in connection with several attacks, Shin Bet said in a statement.

"An investigation is under way and is expected to lead to the arrest of other individuals who took part in the incident," Shin Bet said, adding that another of Amer's brothers was also arrested on Saturday.