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Israeli forces storm orphan school in Jerusalem
Israeli forces storm orphan school in Jerusalem
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 Gaza, ALAR Y - Israeli forces stormed on Wednesday morning a secondary orphan school in the old city of Jerusalem.

Researcher at Wadi Hilwa Information Center, Maysa Abu Ghazallah said that an Israeli special unit surrounded the school claiming that the students threw stones on them.

She added that the Israeli soldiers fired stun grenades toward the school, causing tension among students. She said, "they withdrew later on."

The school's administration tried to prevent the soldiers from entering the school but they were threatened to be arrested if they did not give them the names of the students who threw stones on the soldiers, according to witnesses.

The Israeli soldiers walked to the Wadi Street, put barricades and spread foot patrol soldiers in the area to search the citizens, locals said.

Jim HYder
What do these Israeli Demented Forces have in mind to disrupt an orphans school? Can anyone of you brave IDF tell me? Or you afraid your Daddy Bibi will kill you or make your life as miserable as you have the Palestinians?