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Arafat tests results would hinder peace talks: the Guardian
Arafat tests results would hinder peace talks: the Guardian
Yasser Arafat
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Gaza, ALRAY - The findings of Swiss scientists  that Yasser Arafat has been poisoned with polonium would worsen the already corrosive atmosphere of the faltering peace negotiations, the  Guardian reported.

The Paper went on saying that the test results do not prove Israel murdered Palestinian leader, but their main effect could be to deepen anti-Israel sentiment.

Speculation that Arafat's sudden illness was the result of foul play by Israeli secret services took hold even before the Palestinian leader died in a hospital near Paris on 11 November 2004, the paper reported.

 Israel has always categorically denied any involvement.

The explosive conclusions of Swiss scientists, who conducted tests on samples taken from Arafat's exhumed corpse last November, will reignite accusations against Israel and deepen the widespread conviction among Palestinians that a man they saw as a revolutionary hero was murdered.

The paper noted that the international community will have little enthusiasm for anything that could disrupt the delicate peace process, which commands negligible support among the Palestinian public and is already stuck on the starting blocks.