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Netanyahu: Cold peace is better than hot war
Netanyahu: Cold peace is better than hot war
Benjamin Netanyahu
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Gaza, ALRAY - "The Israeli prime minister expressed his skepticism on the Palestinian leadership's willingness to reach a peace agreement with (Israel)", Israeli media reported. 

According to  Israeli daily JPost, he criticized the international community's dealing with the Palestinians [negotiators] "it cannot be that the Palestinians are forever pampered by the international community,"

"If the Palestinians expect us to recognize a Palestinian state for Palestinian people, they must recognize a Jewish state for Jewish people," he said.

While reiterating his call for the Palestinian leadership to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Netanyahu voiced his hope that the current round of US-brokered peace talks will result in a "historic compromise" between the two sides.

"Cold peace is better than hot war, but I'm hoping for warm peace," he said.

Julie Webb-Pullman
The bit Netahyahu sems unable to understand is that a Palestinian State is for all Palestinians, of whatever religion, whereas a jewish state is only for jews. Even more simply put, so that even Bibi can understand - Palestine is a state, and 'Palestinian' is a nationality. Jew is not a state, and jewishness is not a nationality - just like Christainity is not a nationality, Buddhism is not a nationality, Islam is not a nationality - and none of them claim 'statehood.'