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A majority of Moroccan lawmakers pushes bills to boycott Israel
A majority of Moroccan lawmakers pushes bills to boycott Israel
A security meeting in Rabat, Morocco (AP Photo)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Five political parties in Morocco have sponsored two bills calling for outlawing contacts with the Israeli occupation.

Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the five parties that support criminalizing trade and other forms of exchange with the Israeli occupation have 271 out of the Parliament’s 395 seats.

According to, Jacky Kadoch, a Moroccan Jewish leader, the two proposed bills “have zero chance of passing because the king will never allow it,”

Among the parties backing the bills, which are being reviewed by the Moroccan Parliament’s Committee on Justice and Legislation, are the Islamic Justice and Development Party, the country’s largest, and the PAM party.

Both bills seek to make it illegal to trade with Israeli occupation entities and at least one bill proposes making it illegal for Israelis to enter Morocco, according to a report last month in Ya Biladi, a Moroccan daily newspaper.

Morocco, which is ruled by King Mohammed VI, is considered one of the Arab world’s friendliest nations toward Israel. Approximately 45,000 Israeli tourists visit Morocco annually, Kadoch estimates.