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International medical delegations conduct surgeries to Gaza patients
International medical delegations conduct  surgeries to Gaza patients
Doctors use a mobile phone for light as they treat a child critically injured during Israel’s attacks on Gaza last November. (Anne Paq / ActiveStills)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Three medical convoys -one Italian and two American- have Friday conducted check-ups and surgeries for a number of patients in Gaza European Hospital in southern Gaza Strip.

A statement for the hospital released Sunday said that "the three convoys are comprised of Italian and American doctors specialist in Pediatric heart and backbone surgery.

Director of the hospital Abdul Latif al-Haj said 110 patients were examined or went through surgery during the stay of the convoys.

According to the statement, the Ministry of Health used to bring in foreign medical specialists to conduct complex surgeries, or ones needing equipment not available in the Gaza hospitals.

In an honorary ceremony held on Sunday, Director General of Gaza Public Hospitals Yusuf Abu al-Rish thanked the visiting members of the delegations to Gaza, hoping that repeated like visits contribute to ending the blockade and allowing normal access of medicines and medical supplies to Gaza.

He stressed the need for closer cooperation with the medical international staffs, and strengthening the health experience exchange in order to boost the efficiency of the Palestinian health sector.

It's noteworthy that Gaza hospitals depend in a significant way on humanitarian convoys to handle quality surgeries, given the inadequate medical equipment of the public hospitals.