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Jaradat, Hamdiyeh..who is next?
Jaradat, Hamdiyeh..who is next?
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Gaza, Al Ray

On 18th February 2013, Arafat Jaradat, a Palestinian detainee from Hebron was tortured to death inside Israeli jail, today another detainee follows him.

Cancer- stricken detainee Maiysara Abu Hamdiyeh ,65, from Hebron, died today inside Israel's Soroka hospital.

Riyad Al-ashqar, director of Palestine’s Detainees Center for Studies confirmed that” the Israeli occupation keeps committing crimes against Palestinian detainee by neglecting them, especially sick ones, and do not provide proper treatment for them, until they die.”

“Tens of detainees are expected to have the same fate as Abu Hamdiyeh,” said Al-ashqar confirming that there are 12 cancer-stricken detainees inside Israeli jail need urgent chemical treatment which is not available so they are facing “slow death”.

He called on human right organizations to expose occupation crimes  and to take serious actions to prevent such crimes.

The Palestinian government in Gaza mourned the death of Abu Hamdiyeh, affirming that Israeli occupation is responsible for his death.

Taher Al-Nono, spokesperson of the Palestinian government warned Israel of the outcomes of committing such crime. 

Abu Mogahed, spokesperson of the military wing of Popular Resistance Committees revealed that Palestinian factions discussed a “unified actions” against Israel in revenge to the “assignation “ of Hamdiyeh.