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Ghusain: occupation wants to create permanent border tension
Ghusain: occupation wants to create permanent border tension
Government Spokesman Mr. Ihab al-Ghusain
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Gaza, ALRAY - "Israeli occupation's escalation on the border with Gaza takes cover in the negotiations [with Palestinian Authority], and the Palestinian negotiator's disgraceful positions," Government spokesman said to ALRAY.

Mr. Ihab al-Ghusain held the Israeli occupation responsible for the recent firing towards Palestinian youths while working on their land near the border.

A Palestinian citizen was killed and six injured in three separate Israeli firings towards the east border of the Gaza Strip on Friday, adding to the Israeli violations of the cease-fire signed in the wake of November 2012 offensive.

"The occupation wants to intimidate the Palestinians, particularly those residing along the border areas of Gaza, to permanently leave them in a state of tension and instability," Ghusain said.

He warned against "going too far in carrying out aggressive acts and targeting of unarmed civilians, and against preventing them from earning their livelihood from farming,"

He condemned the international silence on the Israeli perpetrations against Palestine and the besieging of the Gaza Strip, in clear violations of International Humanitarian Law, and Geneva IIII Convention.