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Post Mortem examination of Abu Hamdiyeh's body
Post Mortem examination of Abu Hamdiyeh's body
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Gaza, Al Ray - The Israeli military court in Beersheba decided on Tuesday that an autopsy will be conducted to Maiysara Abu Hamdiyeh at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Al-Quds University.

Abu Hamdiyeh , a Palestinian detainee, died yesterday at Soroka Hospital in Israel after a long struggle with throat cancer.

Dr. Sabri Ala'aloul, a Palestinian doctor, to participate in the autopsy.

Another autopsy will be conducted today by a medical team of Danish , Jordanian,  and Palestinian doctors in Abu Kabir Forensic Institute. 

A state of outrage spread among Palestinians in the West bank and the Gaza strip and among Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails after announcing the death of Abu Hamdiyeh.

Palestinian factions held Israel responsibility over the death of Abu Hamdiyeh as Israeli Prison Services refused to release him despite the deterioration of his health condition.