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Five Palestinians die of hunger in Syria
Five Palestinians die of hunger in Syria
People perform funeral prayer for Palestinians killed in Syria
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Gaza, ALRAY - Six Palestinians died Friday of hunger in Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp due to the siege imposed on the camp , and the continued bombing on it.

Action Group for Palestinians in Syria said in a statement that "five Palestinian refugees have died as a result of the siege of Yarmouk camp imposed for 164 days in a row and the lack of food and medicine,"

The group identified them as Ahmed Rashid Hamid, Fayez Saadia , Zuhair Sinan, Houidh al-Hamawi , and Ahmad Odwan who is physically challenged.

While child girl Janah Shadi from A'edeen refugee camp in Homs died of injuries sustained in a blast that hit camp on Thursday, the group added.

A state of panic , tension and fear caught the people of the camp after Thursday's blast which occurred in front of a food shop in the middle of Al-Quds Street, which killed two including the girl and wounded many including women and children, the statement said.

The Group noted that Khan al-Shiekh refugee camp is subject to almost daily shelling resulted in many its residents killed and a large number wounded, and is reeling under a life-sapping blockade by the Syria Army.

The people of the camp appealed all international bodies of the United Nations and UNRWA, or local of the Palestinian movements and the Palestine Liberation Organization , which considers itself the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, to intervene to lift the injustice the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria suffers, the group said. 

In Dera'a refugee camp, the Palestinians suffer from scarcity of food, medicines, fuel and the continued power and communication cuts for long periods of time.