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8 Palestinians die of siege, hunger in Yarmouk refugee camp
8 Palestinians die of siege, hunger in Yarmouk refugee camp
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Gaza, ALRAY - Eight Palestinian refugees died on Sunday in Yramouk refugee camp in Syria due to hunger and unstopped shelling on the besieged camp, monitoring group reported.

Action Group for Palestinians in Syria said in a statement that “Adnan al-Nazer ,40, Qasem Khyrat,16 and Abdo Abdullah were killed by a sniper shots while they were trying to cross Bardi checkpoint.”

It added that the elderly Ibrahim Bibi 60 and Mohammed abu Naser both died of previous injuries they sustained in Syrian army bombing on the camp.

According to the group, Rabeaa Madi, Bashar Ajan and Mayssra Qonberji died as  a result of malnutrition and the lack of the necessary treatment.

The Group noted that Khan al-Shiekh refugee camp is a subject to almost daily shelling and is reeling under a life-sapping blockade by the Syria Army.

The people of the camp appealed all the international bodies of the United Nations, local organizations of the Palestinian movements and Palestine Liberation Organization , which considers itself the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, to intervene to lift the injustice the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria suffer, the group said. 

Youth initiative for Supporting Refugees in Gaza organized on Sunday evening a solidarity sit-in to support the Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk camp.

Several Palestinian families who returned from Syria in addition to human right activists participated in the sit-in.

“ We, the people of the Gaza Strip, support our families and brothers in Syria and we will not hesitate to help them with all possible means,” The chairman of the initiative Mostafa Mater said.  

He affirmed that the Palestinians in Syria don’t need denunciations, they need real actions to put an end for their suffering.