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Jordanian FM condemns Israeli annex of Jordan valley
Jordanian FM condemns Israeli annex of Jordan valley
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Hashemite kingdom  affirmed its refusal of any Israeli domination over the Jordan Valley or any solution that doesn’t consistent with its interests, media sources reported.

“We don’t accept any arrangement the Palestinians don’t agree on and prevent the Palestinian domination on their lands,” the Jordanian foreign minister Naser Jodah said in a statement to the Jordanian TV.

Jodah mentioned that 1.2 million Palestinian lived in Jordan as Jordanian citizens therefore “Jordan is responsible for its interests in the area.”

He added that “our interests must be respected and we will not accept  any solution that we have no clear idea about it.”

The minister said that Palestine  must have “recognized boarders”.

The future of the Jordan Valley, a large  agricultural area in the West Bank which Israel wants to keep under its military control after any future peace agreement, has emerged as a big irritant in the five-month-old talks.

Israel infuriated the Palestinians when a ministerial legislative committee approved a bill to annex the area, where a string of Israeli settlements established after the Six-Day war in 1967 stretches along the Jordanian frontier.

The Israeli occupation has defied numerous international demands to stop its expansionist policy in the occupied territories and continued illegal construction of settlements in West Bank and East al-Quds.