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74% of young Israelis say Israel racist: Poll
74% of young Israelis say Israel racist: Poll
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Gaza, ALRAY - 74% of young Israelis see Israel as a racist society that discriminates between  its citizens and deepens hatred of non Israelis, an Israeli radio reported.

It said the results of the annual survey issued by Mas’a Institute in a study to what is called the Holocaust, young Israelis were questioned about the existence of racism and xenophobia within the Israeli society.

The majority of them confirmed the existence of racism while a small percentage said racism never exists.  

“Students from primary and secondary schools in Israel participated in the poll,” it said, pointing out that the data which would raise fear related to incitement and racism in the Israeli society.

The rate of discrimination against non-Israelis has increased significantly in the recent times.

The poll indicated that in 2008, 39% assured that Israel is racist.