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" Detainees Memoir", description of hard life inside Israeli jails
" Detainees Memoir", description of hard life inside Israeli jails
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Gaza,Al-Ray-Political and Development Studies Center issued a book in English titled "Prisoners Memoir''.

The book handles the suffering and severe life the ex-prisoners experienced during their long imprisonment inside Israeli jails.

A group of journalists prepared book, edited by Joh Ketron and Mark Jibsen, and supervised by Norma Hashem.

The book, the first of its kind, will be published on the April 17th, which coincides with the Prisoners' Day.

This book depicts life of 22 prisoners. It describes prisoners' views towards detention, their longing to meet their relatives, their dreams to see the light obscured by the jailers, in addition to a biography of the prisoner Hassan Salama aimed at reminding the world of how the Palestinian prisoners are is unjustly treated inside jails.

UN Special Repporteur Richard Falk said "many paragraphs of the book have the ability to captivate our mind", adding "in spite of the cultural differences between detainees, they share the same concerns."

"It is an unexampled book because it documents writings of those once was in touch with the prisoners, who lost their hope, and may never be freed ", Malaysian Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad said.

He added "We are living in the freedom era, while those people have never tasted a bit of it".

The ex-prisoner Hanaa Shalabi said "it is such an overriding humanity book; I am calling everyone to read it in order to be close to the Palestinians' suffering inside jails."