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Prisoners Club: We are waiting EU Response
Prisoners Club: We are waiting EU Response
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Gaza-Al-Ray-Palestinian Prisoners Club Director Nasser Qaws said," popular and national delegation handed up a message on Monday demanding  EU Representative Office inference to rescue the life of the Palestinian hunger striker detainee Samer Al-Esawi," pointing out that they are still waiting their answer.

 "the message written by Samer El-Esawi family tells about his serious condition inside Israeli jails under intentionally medical neglect." Qawas added.

 "According the doctors of Kablan hospital in the occupied territories, Samer is about to die. The Israeli occupation rejected to release him in spite of the international interferences." Pointed.

 The politician " Yors fan Winkil" told the Club that they made calls in order to reach a solution to Samer issue during 48 hours.

 Qaws does not wish him to die inside the Isreali jails as Abu Hamdiy, saying," we does not trust these promises, but we need something in practice."

 He continues," Although the good relations between EU and "Israel", the latter violates the conventions and does not respect this friendship. European countries speaks of establishing new projects in the Palestinian territories, whereas it does not put stress on the occupation to oblige it to respect these conventions."  

 Referring to the Egyptian side concerning the detainees issue, Qaws explained that the Egyptian side intervene, helding recently a meeting in "Tel Aviv", in addition, they phoned the Egyptian foreign ministers."   

 "There is no events on the ground to support the release of El-Esawi. By our message, we put the responsibility on all countries and the UN if something bad happened to Samer." Added. 

 The political powers will head tomorrow to the quarter committee to submit "Tony Blair" a message to stress on Israel to release El-Esawi.

 It is worth mentioning that Samer El-Esawi from Jerusalem has been on hunger strike since August,2012 protesting the administrative detention.