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MOI: collaboration with Israel declining
MOI: collaboration with Israel declining
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Gaza, Alray - The Interior Ministry spokesman Islam Shahwan said that the phenomenon of collaboration with Israel is on the way to fade, and not, as some believe, common in the Gaza Strip.

Shahwan said, in a statement to Al-Quds satellite channel, on Tuesday evening "Our study found that more than 70% of the collaborators fall because of lack of faith or weakness of family bonding".

"Israeli intelligence service's attempts to recruit agents indicate to its confusion", he confirmed, explaining that "some of them switched off their phones and no longer deal with Israel".

"We're doing our best to maintain social cohesion with our educational ongoing", he added urging the rest of them to rush into repentance before the door is closed as the campaign ends on April, 11th and any collaboration case will not be tolerated after that.

 The Ministry of Interior launched on March 12th a national campaign to address communication with Israel.