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Hamas official : Hamas and Fatah to meet in Cairo today
Hamas official : Hamas and Fatah to meet in Cairo today
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Gaza, Alray -  Hamas' deputy political bureau chief, Moussa Abu Marzouk announced that a meeting between Fatah and Hamas will be held today in Cairo to discuss several issues of which is the reconciliation.

Abu Marzouk denounced Fatah's position of rejecting Emir of Qatar invitation for a mini summit saying that :"this is not the first time that Hamas and Fatah to sit on the same table for talks; Qatari invitation talked about Fatah and Hamas and has nothing to do with Palestinian representative".

Emir of Qatar called on 26 March, in the 24th summit Arabs league, to held a mini summit between Fatah and Hamas in Cairo to implement Palestinian reconciliation between the rivals Fatah and Hamas.

Hamas welcomed the invitation as Meshal, chief of political bureau of Hamas, said that Mini- reconciliation summit could be fruitful.

However, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that he will attend the proposed Arab League meeting in Cairo if he is invited to represent the whole Palestinian people.