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On 1st anniversary, ministry calls for investigation into Jaradat's death
On 1st anniversary, ministry calls for investigation into Jaradat's death
Arafat Jaradat (image capture from Channel 2)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs in Ramallah Sunday called on the European Parliament investigate the death of Arafat Jaradat, who died under torture in Israeli detention in February 2013.

The ministry's call concided with the first anniversary of Jaradat's death in mysterious conditions.

The ministry urged in a statement the EU to apply its resolution issued last year to send a fact-finding committee to investigate the circumstances of the Palestinian prisoners in Israel’s jails.

The resolution is an important step in the right direction to compel the occupation to apply all international agreements  with regard to the Palestinian prisoners, it added .

The statement said the occupation ignores all agreements and guarantees offered to the Egyptians who brokered the Al Karama (Dignity) Agreement, which marked a victory to Palestinian prisoners.

The Egypt-mediated Karama (Dignity) Agreement was signed by the leadership of the prisoners strike committee and the administration of prison services.

The Palestinian prisoners launched an open-ended hunger strike lasted for 28 days in 2012, forcing the Israeli prison administration to sign an agreement to end solitary confinement, allow visits of Gaza families to their jailed relatives, revoke Shalit Law, and improve life conditions.

However the Israeli Prions Service did not wait long to break the agreement terms.