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Any future agreement should include recognition of Jewish state: Kerry
Any future agreement should include recognition of Jewish state: Kerry
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Gaza, ALRAY -  Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday that his country will not allow turning the West Bank into another Gaza in any future agreement, adding, “any agreement will include a Palestinian recognition to a ( Jewish state).”   

He said last night during  his speech to the IPAC , the Jewish lobby conference, “ the Jewish nature of Israel should be taken into  consideration in the future agreements.”

Kerry explained, It is incumbent on both sides to take tough decisions, pointing out, the success of any Israeli-Palestinian agreement is based on many factors including: security, mutual recognition, agreeing on a final solution for the Palestinian refugees but without changing the Jewish nature of Israel and announcing the end of the conflict.   

By referring to the Occupied Jerusalem, he said, it is in need for a solution that enables it to continue being a city of peace.

Kerry stressed the Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu’s commitment to peace  and that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is intended to be a partner in the agreement but he has his own views towards any “equitable agreement” . “ Abbas is aware of the price of  the failure of the peace talks,” Kerry added.

Israelis and Palestinians have been engaged in seven months of direct peace talks which are due to expire at the end of April.

Israeli occupation PM Benyamin Netanyahu visited Washington on Monday to meet with U.S president Barak Obama to discuss the peace talks and Iran issue.

During the talks with Netanyahu, Obama said that Israel needs to make some tough decisions in order to find peace with the Palestinians.