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EU delegation denied checking on Palestinian prisoners
EU delegation denied checking on Palestinian prisoners
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation foreign minister refused to allow a delegation from the European Parliament to visit Palestinians jailed in Israeli prisons. 

Hebrew Yedioth Ahronoth website reported that the European delegation hoped to evaluate the prisoners’ conditions.

Elmar Brok, the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the European Parliament, had asked Israel's ambassador to the EU to arrange a visit for the delegation, it explained.

But the minister Avigdor Lieberman responded by saying 'Israel' would only allow such a visit if the EU would let an Israeli delegation visit prisons in Europe.

The report cited sources inside Israel’s foreign affairs ministry that the European request had been made in coordination Palestinian and international activists working to highlight the poor conditions inside Israeli prisons.

There are some 5000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, who hail from the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, and the occupied Palestinian lands of 1948.

They divided into nearly 17 prisons and detention centres in various parts of Israel, notably, the Negev, Ofer, Nafha, Gilboa, Shatta, Ramon, Ashkelon, Hadarim, Eshel, ahly Kedar, Hasharon, Ramle, and Megiddo.

Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights described in a prevous study the situation of prisoners as 'unbearable', given the ban on family visits, solitary confinement, administrative detentions, nude inspections, and the restrictions on education.

The number of sick prisoners amounts to about 1,400 prisoners, the study said, showing that the worst cases include prisoners reeling from mental, physical and sensory disabilities, serious and malignant diseases and chronic diseases such as heart, cancer, kidney failure and paraplegia.

MEMO and Al-akhbar contributed to this report.